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We at BKM Marketing Hub are experts in Creating, Launching, & Managing Digital Marketing campaigns, SEO-friendly Content Writing & Content Marketing, Google My Business & Local SEO, Social Media Management & Social Media marketing and Website Development & Design with our expert teams having several years of experience to help businesses grow online.

Our Mission

Our mission at Affordable digital Marketing Solutions is to help you effectively use the internet to its full potential by providing cost-efficient, effective and customized design and marketing solutions.

Our Vision

At our company, we aim to be the frontrunners in digital marketing globally by changing the industry as a whole and setting new levels of success and professional.

Our goal is to establish ourselves as a leading agency that offers online marketing plans, digital sales methods, and internet brand management to small businesses.


We contacted Tradify on Instagram in April end. Till that time they were simply dependent on social media posting and seeking sales. We built and launched their Shopify store within a week and started marketing campaign from 1 May 2023.

This brand deals in various product categories including home & kitchen, baby wear, women wear etc. Most of their products are low selling only. So, initially sales were low but soon it peaked up. Within 45 days of onboarding clients to our marketing system, we’ve achieved the sales of 277k from 0.

Building on this success, we expanded our campaigns to target lookalike audiences, surpassing our expectations.

tradify campaign screenshot


Within 45 days: sale of 294K from 0

Current Daily Spending on Ads: Rs. 1500


tradify dashboard screenshot

The goal of this client was to get Sales for their gaming chair. We use Facebook conversion Campaigns for getting sales.

We tested 6 different targeting to ensure we were able to choose the best 3 best performing targeting interests.

We made 154 sales at 290 INR. We spent 67,603 INR in ads, and we made 780,638 INR in sales back. So, the ROAS is 11.54 X which is amazing.

Cell Bellc campaign screenshot


We have generated a total of 2,461,722 sales from 1/01/2022 to 31/03/2022.

And all the orders are paid. Even the product prices are expensive.

Cell Bell campaign screenshot
dashboard screen shot

When we started our work with this client, they were just getting 4 to 6 orders per day, but they were spending a good amount of money on ads, and their CPP (cost per purchase) was too high.

After our research, we found that the website conversion rate was too low, and they were showing their ad to the wrong audience.

So, we started conversion ads and after testing a couple of audiences and creatives we start getting 50k to 60k daily revenue, and after just 35 days we were able to generate 1 lac daily revenue.

After 35 days we’re generating more than 1 lac revenue per day.

Daily Spending on Ads: Rs. 10,000

Daily Sales from Website: Rs. 1,00,000 to 1,30,000


In Just first 90 Days we generated total of 75 Lacs of Sales.

Lauriko was spending around 6k daily but not getting 2X ROI and the big problem was that they didn’t connect pixels on their website when we started working with them first, we fixed the pixel and started with a 3k/daily budget beside we are also doing influencer marketing on YouTube.

We started with Facebook ads first and influencer staff helps us to build trust with customers.

Through Facebook ads, after spending 3k daily, we start getting 3 Roi initially, and later, by the end of the first month, we achieved 5X ROI.


Managing pages, influencers and running Facebook ads help us to achieve 7X after two months.


Daily Orders and Daily Sales after 60 days.

Per Day Spending: Rs. 3,000

ROI: 7.7X

Daily Sales: Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 30,000

LAURIKO dashboard screenshot

Herbs Pro is USA based brand, they started their franchise in India in 2021 and we were the first agency to start running ads for them and since we have been working with Herbs Pro as partners.

So, when we had a meeting with the Marketing Director of Herbs Pro, we understood correctly how their business is, what is the USP of their products and how their products will help their target audience, and then we started doing our research and we started Google ads with 5k daily budget.

And in 10 months we spent 9 lacs on Google Ads, and we generated revenue of 66 lacs which was very good for a new start-up, it’s around 7X ROI.


In just 10 months we spent Rs. 942,540 on Google ads and we generated Rs. 6,694,317.


Return on Investment: op 7.1 X ROAS

HERBS PRO INDIA dashboard screenshot

Style Junkiie is a western wear brand for women, it’s a well-known brand in Mumbai and the average product price of Style Junkiie is Rs. 15,000.

So, when we had a meeting with the Style Junkiie, we saw they were spending lots of money on ads but they were not getting good ROI and daily orders, because the average product price was high.

So, we started creating our own funnel and the main objective of our funnel was to generate orders and as much data as possible in the Facebook pixel for lookalike because cold audiences don’t work if your product price is Rs.


We spent our first 2 weeks for just building our funnel but after 14 days when we build the right funnel for Style Junkiie results were amazing.


After 75 days we’re generating more than 1.5 lac revenue per day.

Daily Spending on Ads: Rs. 18,000

Daily Sales: Rs. 156,000


Total Sales from 1st June 2022 to 25 Sept 2022:  Rs. 68,75,947

STYLE JUNKIIEcampaign screenshot

Sukhi Aatma is a well-known brand in India and It deals in customized Marathi T-shirts.

When we started working with Sukhi Aatma, the problem was the target audience because the audience size was small.

So, we started our research and found that our target audience was people who speak Marathi, so we started our campaigns and started running ads on cold audiences.

After 2 days we started getting orders daily and after 2 weeks we were able to build a lookalike audience.

Now we’re getting 80 to 90 orders daily with 9X ROAS.


After 35 days we’re getting 80 to 90 orders a day.

Daily Spending on Ads: Rs. 8,000

Daily Sales: Rs. 70,000 to Rs. 80,000

Cost Per Purchase: Rs. 29 to Rs. 45


Vas Wear is a men’s fashion brand that deals in t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, jeans etc.

When we had a meeting with the owners, they were building their website on Shopify and after doing our audience and competitor’s research we started traffic and conversion campaigns.

The first day we had sales of Rs. 23502 and ROAS was 22.36 after getting some.  

orders we also started campaigns on a lookalike audience, and the results were amazing.

We were getting a daily sale of Rs. 1lac in just Rs. 5000 daily ads spend and our current ROAS is 34.26.


After 30 days we’re getting 140 to 160 orders a day.

Daily Spending on Ads: Rs. 4500 to Rs. 5000

Daily Sales:  Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 1,30,000

Cost Per Purchase:  Rs. 20 to Rs. 25

ROI:  34.16X ROAS

VAS WEAR sales screenshot
VAS WEAR dashboard screenshot